Donald Sultan


About the Artist:

Critically-acclaimed New York painter Donald Sultan (b. 1951) is best known for his large-scale compositions of fruit, flowers, dominoes and other objects, set against a dark, tar-black background. "From the grit of tar, a svelte surface is built, and the forms themselves, so reliant on black to set them off, have a purchase on elegance that resides in the simplicity and flatness of the shapes," writes Steven Henry Madoff, contributing editor of Art News. 

Although his paintings fit into the criteria of still life, Sultan describes these works as first and foremost abstract. "My paintings are not really so much about walnuts (or lemons, etc.) as they are about working on the image, making it look like the thing so much that it's abstracted," Sultan explains. With his unique artistic methods and innovative approach to traditional subject matter, Sultan is considered to be at the forefront of contemporary art. 

Donald Sultan has enjoyed a distinguished career as painter, printmaker, and sculptor. His first one-man show was in 1977, and since then he has been given numerous exhibitions dedicated to his work, as well as having been included in a number of group shows. His works have been collected and shown by leading galleries and museums around the world, and his international one- artist exhibitions include shows in Barcelona, Budapest, Dusseldorf, London, Nagoya, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Zurich